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Saturday, June 30th 2012

12:16 AM

Nymphets 15 year


Related article: Date: Wed, 14 Nov 2001 14:19:39 -0800 (PST)
From: spartus boy
Subject: Hey I Know YouIf you are not supposed to be reading this please
leave! Cheers!Hey I Know YouHis brother was married to my girlfriend's sister and
he was visiting her family the same weekend I was
there to see my girl. His name was Kevin and I'll
always remember him as a 5'8" 100lb blue-eyed blond
boy that could sing up a storm. His dream was to sing
with a gospel-singing group and travel all over the
country. Of course, me being a musician, I was
totally infatuated from the beginning. I would play
piano and we would both sing. You could feel our
chemistry. I know we were! pretten nonnude nymphets Other people noticed and
even commented about it. I don't think they really
figured out that it was much more than two guys
singing. I truly believe they thought it was cute little nymphets some
divine connection by God that we were sharing. I know
what it was and it was purely sexual, no bones about
it.I did want it to happen, but because I was there to
see my girl, I wasn't going to do anything that would
bring me out of my closet. Maybe it was my
girlfriend's mother who knew what we wanted or maybe
it was fate, but she wouldn't allow either of us to
sleep on the sofa. She insisted that we share the bed
in her daughter's room and her daughter, my
girlfriend, was made to sleep on the sofa. Secretly I
was thrilled!When bedtime finally came around I was pretty nervous.
I knew he was too because he would hardly look at me
from the time it was decided that we would be sharing
a bed. I remember going wild nymphets cp into the attached bathroom,
taking my time brushing my teeth and relieving my
bladder. When I came bbs underage nymphets cute
out, the light was off, he was
already under the covers and had his eyes closed. I
started taking off my clothes and tried to see if he
was watching. I didn't see him open his eyes but
thought I saw his head turn my way just a little when
I walked around to my side of the bed to finish
undressing down to my briefs.I got under the covers too and tried to go to sleep.
I was so tense from the nervousness and the sexual
tension young ebony nymphets that had been developing between us that
didn't really want to sleep. Instead and got a fuckin
hardon and lay there wishing I could nymphets thumbnails messages
touch him and
wishing he would touch me or at least make some sort
of sign to say he was interested. I don't know who
was more afraid, me or him but I knew something was
going to happen!Finally, I couldn't take it anymore and decided to
make a move. First, I pretended I was asleep. I made
my breath as regular as possible. Then I tossed
around like I was uncomfortable in my position. When
I did this I accidentally/on nude nymphets modeling
purpose let my hand fall
between us, close enough for my fingers to be lightly
touching his thigh. No one moved. I could feel even
more tension, if that was possible, and I'm sure that
by this time he knew what tween girl nymphets was happening. After a
minute or so of my hand touching him, I slowly started
moving my fingers and stroking his underwear-covered
thigh. He still didn't move so I got braver. I began
to slide my hand under him, reaching for his dick. He
just lay there and let me, pretending that nothing was
happening. I prayed he wouldn't stop me and he
didn't. I felt him nymphet bare
raised up slightly and took that
as a sign of encouragement so I slid my hand further
under him until I finally felt his dick through his
briefs. It was sooo hard. I didn't do anything at
first, just let it rest, throbbing in my hand. Then
very slowly I curled my fingers around his shaft. It
was a nice 5-1/2" or so, curved upwards toward his
stomach and was leaking, making a wet spot on the
cloth of his underwear. I heard him suck in his
breath quickly as I began to stroke his dick.Suddenly, he was on top of me. Pushing and pulling at
me and saying, "Oh, how I've wanted this!" "I can't
believe you want it too. I thought I was the only one
who was this way.""Damn boy," I loudly whispered! nudist nymphette "Stop!" He was so
fast and I was so totally surprised when he jumped on
me. Then it began to dawn on my what he was saying
and what he was doing. He was crying, babbling and
rubbing his body over every inch of mine all at the
same time. I couldn't help it. I just started
laughing! Hell, I just wanted to get it on with him.
I didn't know it was his first time and how he was
going to react! I don't think he knew how or why he
reacted like that either! He kept crying and I kept
laughing and finally he said, "why are you laughing?"
I didn't realize until that moment that I had hurt his
feelings.Sheesh! I was there to visit my girlfriend! I wasn't
expecting this! Not one to miss an opportunity I
rolled over on top of him and kissed him right on the
mouth. That must have been another first for him
because his eyes popped open wide and he stopped
crying. "I'm laughing," I said, "because I'm so
happy that you've finally found someone you can relate
to and experiment with." I then told him my story of
how I began experimenting with guys and the pain and
heartache I had endured during my self-discovery. I
still didn't consider myself gay but I knew that I
liked touching guys and that they turned me on like my
girlfriend didn't!As I lay on top of him and we talked, I continued to
kiss him on the mouth every few sentences. He was a
little hesitant to let me at first but then seemed be
okay with it after the first few. We talked about my
girlfriend, his desires and my desires and some of my
experiences. We were both still semi-hard through all
this. After an hour or so, I started kissing him
deeper. We were both getting more and more turned on.
We began pretten nonnude nymphets to move and thrust against each other as my
tongue finally took over his mouth.He started groaning and moving faster beneath me.
That put me over the edge and before I knew it, I was
spurting my cum all over our stomachs which provided
more lubrication for our motions. I could tell he was
getting closer as his breathing started getting more
labored and he was continuously groaning. I thrust
even harder against his dick and he started shooting.
His eyes were rolled back and his head was moving back
and forth and he kept saying, "Oh, yeah, Oh, yeah!
OOOOooooooooh!He finally stopped moving. I kept giving him little
kisses. He would groan every once in a while and then
he fuckin started to cry again! "Damn," I thought.
"What now?"Well, it ends up that he felt all guilty about it. He
was afraid that people would know what had happened by
looking at us -- all the usual things we all go through
our first time. Poor guy. I just held him and let
him cry until he couldn't eke out any more tears.The sun was coming up as we finally drifted off the
sleep in each other's arms. About two hours later we
were awakened by a knock on the door. We quickly
detached ourselves from each bbs underage nymphets cute other and began our
morning!Needless to say, I didn't date that girl anymore.
That experience only further confirmed what I already
knew about myself. I was starting to accept the fact
that I am gay.Time passed and I lost touch with him. I've only seen
Kevin once since then. It was about seven nymphets nubiles years later
at a concert (yep you guessed it! A Gospel Concert!).
I was there alone and he surprised me by coming up
and saying, "hey I know you!"I said, "Hey, I know you too!" The seat next to me
was empty so he quickly sat down. We started
whispering to each other and catching up on our lives.
About that time the concert started, the lights went
down and we just couldn't keep our hands off each
other. We were touching each other everywhere.
Grabbing here and there every chance we got. By this
time we both had boners and were even squeezing them
through our pants! I'm laughing as I think back to
this because I'm sure the people around us saw what
was going on. We're were on the aisle in the second
row sexy 12yo nymphets and were not very discreet. Oops!At intermission we nymphetes rompl
went to the restroom and stood next
to each other at the urinal checking out each other's
equipment and giggling like two little school girls!
Neither of us had really changed. We did get some
looks from the other guys but we didn't care. We were
having too much fun!After the concert he came out to my truck and we
talked for a long time. We played with each other's
dicks for a bit but nothing really exotic nymphets sites happened beyond
that. We said our good-byes and I haven't seen him
since.Last year I heard that both his parents were killed in
a car accident.
I'm sorry this story had a sad ending. It's
all true, though of course I did change the name.
Feel free to email me about this story if you wish at
sspartusyahoo.com Cheers! sspartus
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Saturday, June 30th 2012

12:00 AM

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